The mice control technicians of Aaliant Pest Control are highly skilled at finding and identifying mouse infestations in homes and businesses. We locate and seal entry points, find nests and remove them. Our mouse control technicians will remove any mice already inside your property and prevent their return. We offer mice control solutions that get rid of mice infestations and keep them away.

Mice are commonly found infesting homes and buildings and can slip through small holes to gain entry very easily. Due to their capacity to spread disease and their destructive eating habits, mice can become a burden for everyone.

Mice create a variety of health risks including:

  • Various diseases
  • Parasites such as fleas and ticks
  • They create fire hazards from chewing wires
  • Their urine and feces can also carry disease

Mice are a nuisance that can make people sick. They should be removed from homes as quickly as possible. A mouse infestation can cause serious inventory loss, property damage and also pose health risks for any food service business.

Aaliant Pest Control offers 24 hour emergency pest and animal control services and can quickly eliminate mouse infestations in homes and businesses. Our mice control solutions get rid of mice infestations and keep them away. Take your home or business back today! 

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